Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Just Do It!

In spite of the bad, this month has seen a lot of good and that's what I choose to focus on. This year began with publishing my fourth book of poetry AMARANTHINE, which just a few days ago also became my first ever published eBook for Kindle on Amazon!  And I just now created my Amazon Author Page.

Getting Amaranthine up in both print and eBook was one of this winter's goals. Thankfully, both goals were met much sooner than anticipated. At first, I was really frustrated by the conversion process and did about a dozen rough "eDrafts" before finding a video that simplified the process in about four easy steps - and voila! Success at last.

I never expected to be so excited about having an eBook published. Not having a physical store front or resources to sell hard copies online, I realized an eBook was going to be a necessity. And not only that, but many people prefer eBooks. I will always cherish and prefer my print copies, but can appreciate the ease and convenience of eBooks. Just one-click and it's in your Kindle library and that's pretty cool.

My next goal, now - now that I know more about the conversion process - is to get my other three books up there. I've already done the conversion for them, but want to wait and enjoy the debut for Amaranthine. So, shooting for February for Corundum, Origins, and Spectrum (***UPDATE***They're all up there, now. I was too excited to wait! You can see the entire list of my collection here).

Are you an author? Have a book out in print form and debating the eBook thing? I wish I had checked the process out sooner. I honestly didn't know that once I found the right tools, it would be so simple. Do it. Just do it.

Research the videos on Youtube that explain how to convert your table of contents for Kindle. That is about 90% of the process for conversion.  Truly, if I can do it - me (oh, yes, me), who only took one computer course in college back in 1987 thinking it would be all I ever needed - then, yes, YOU can. Don't be afraid of the process. It's another tool and opportunity to market your book. And you can choose the level of royalties and price for your eBook. Global availability for your book on the Kindle market. it.


  1. Big smiles. Great read and encouragement. Congratulations again. Excited for February.

  2. Thank you, Autumn! That means a lot to me to know. Thanks for sharing my excitement. <3

  3. Congratulations! Awesome the things that we can now do as authors to make our work available to the masses. I just wanted you to know my review will soon show up on Amazon - I'm proud that you allowed me to share in yet another amazing artistic creation! You are an inspiration! Thank you!

  4. Renee, it truly is amazing. And thank you!!! You are such a blessing to me. I couldn't be more grateful for all your support and help. Thank you for everything!