Monday, August 12, 2013

Fire the Judge!

(Thank you, Coralie!)
Vision For My Future in Educational Goals

      There are so many fields of study that I am passionate about researching and would like to synthesize. This is my reason for wanting to return to school and pursue a second bachelors degree, and eventually a masters degree, to gain exposure, knowledge, and understanding in these fields, and to research and write about those things I have deep enthusiasm and ambition for. I believe opportunities in formal education will offer me significantly more than what I can accomplish and pursue apart from that.

      One of my areas of deep interest lies in the field of ancient Mesopotamian history, literature, and mythology. Of special interest to me are women in Mesopotamian society, culture, religion, and literature, and the role of the goddesses they worshipped.  It is in Mesopotamia that we have discovered the first texts of recorded literature with a highly evolved belief system. I want to understand the evolution of these things and the role that Bronze Age women had in society.

      A second area of study that I’m very interested in is comparative mythology, especially savior mythology and the parallels that link Jesus and Christianity with the myths that preceeded him. My desire is objective and scholarly research, and to see it enrich our understanding of both the similarities and diversities that exist. Many concepts present in these mythologies can enhance our appreciation for the universal longings and values that humanity shares. My passion for research in this field stems out of a deep desire to understand and appreciate the mythology, and to bridge the gap between polar opposites in how the subject matter is dealt with. 

      This merges with other areas I have love and enthusiasm for and those are Syriac Christian studies, the evolution of Syriac Christian literature, and early Christianity in Mesopotamia. I want to pursue knowledge and research in these fields, and study the related languages. It coincides with my passion for Mesopotamian history, literature, and mythology. 

      Being a poet and artist I desire a direction that would also allow me to incorporate my artistic goals. Those goals are to merge and synthesize my poetry and painting. A harmony of word and image is my focus and remains central to my artistic vision. Incorporating art history, style and technique with my other educational goals is of great, personal importance to me.

     I would be very grateful for a customized program that allows me to synthesize these fields of interest I am deeply passionate about and serious in learning.