Monday, December 24, 2012

Greyer or Golder?

Well, it’s happened again. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. Thanks to the thrill of being challenged and inspired by Lost Word Writers, it’s been another year of doing what I had never thought to consider doing.
I wrote my first play, The Ballad of Eleanor, and for the very first time experienced the excitement of characters I created come to life through the talents of our playwriting group. This was followed by another play, Wooden Things, adapted from a short horror story written a couple years ago (something else I never would have thought to do apart from Lost Word). I also attempted a monologue adapted from another short horror piece, and submitted it at the last minute.

(What? Me, doing that?)
Then there's a third play, Roadside Affair. On good advice I will be exploring the screenplay option for that. And then gut and rewrite it so that it will also work as a one-act.

(What? Screenplay? Me? Again?)
I also learned how to use proper formatting (finally) for the six stories I submitted to Our Wicked Ways, followed by two more for 100 Candles.  

For the first time in some years, I submitted three poems for consideration to a poetry publication. Three abecedarian poems (a triptych of an alphabet form) with ancient historical themes.
Inner Fortress…I am *so proud* of this anthology, of its writers, of the extraordinary content of poems I’ve received. I can’t wait to see its authors honored in print…Wow….And, hopefully, the coming year will see the completion of Milan’s memoirs.

For all the struggle in my personal life, light has shone through in the warmth and power of friendships, writing projects and events, shared passions, goals, celebrating successes, and...poetry slams?
Another year older.  Another year I choose…golder.