Thursday, June 2, 2011

Keep Moving Forward

When at a crossroads, I stop and contemplate my options. How I proceed usually results from not only asking, "which way do I really want to go?" but also, "what opportunities or benefits can I foresee as a result of my decision?"

Change can be a catalyst for better or worse. Change can be the current that oxygenates a stagnant stream, bringing new life in its wake; or it can be what suffocates that life-giving current, changing what was once a thriving environment into a barren wasteland.

Fear means being so frozen in place one cannot move or function. Fear cripples.

Risk means having something to lose.

A single, reckless act or decision can be self-destructive, destroying what took years to create and accomplish.

But sometimes the risk is in not taking one at all, for something greater becomes lost in not setting out to achieve something. That is a loss. Writing can be risky. If you're a writer, not writing is even riskier.

Lay the foundation. And build yourself up in your craft.