Tuesday, October 9, 2018

In approximately three weeks, MEMOIRS OF A SERBIAN REFUGEE: THE LIFE OF MILAN KOPRIVICA, will be here!!! Will update when it is available and where you can purchase a copy!!!

Sunday, July 5, 2015

New Paintings

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Some of my first paintings since 2013:

ISABELLA (wood canvas; 2014)

UNBURIED (mixed media; 2015)

EMERGENCE (mixed media; 2015)

I have been inspired to do a sphinx series ever since a dream I had a couple summers ago. During that time I was still in recovery, but was reconnecting with my love for mythology and ancient history. I remember one particular dream that was very vivid. I was standing in the desert, on top of mounds of buried civilizations, when crystal sphinxes began coming out of the ground. They seemed like huge diamonds to me and were quite stunning to behold. I like to think of my dream as discovering a treasure, and that being the relevance I see in mythology. 

My paintings look nothing like the dream I had. But I'm intrigued by what many sphinxes stand for (as I am phoenixes). And sphinxes are different, and mean different things to different cultures. In both UNBURIED and EMERGENCE, I chose Assyrian sphinxes (lamassu) who often guarded the entrances to temples. These, interestingly enough, share many traits with the winged cherubim. In EMERGENCE, the sphinx is an apsasu, a female lamassu. These paintings - as also many of my other paintings - are often about themes of transformation. 

I hope to finish my sphinx series this summer with at least a couple more paintings. My intention is also to display them with poetry. Maybe one day I will be able to exhibit them.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A revised edition of YESHUA OF GALILEE, MATTAI'S ACCOUNT is now available in the Kindle bookstore!!!


Thursday, January 30, 2014

My Review by Author Yolanda Renee!!!

I posted the link on my Amaranthine blog, but forgot to post it here on my main blog. Amaranthine received a most beautiful and lovely review by Yolanda Renee that's been a highlight of so much for me this year. What a way to start off the new year. I couldn't be more thrilled or grateful. Renee, YOU are amazing!!!!


Please do yourself a favor and check out her blog Defending the Pen. Renee is the author of the Detective Quaid series: Murder, Madness and Love and Memories of Murder. I have them both and have begun reading Murder again. Murder, mystery, romance - these books are full of everything that make a book better than good. They're excellent!!

Thursday, October 10, 2013


This winter's project...Amaranthine...

Cover: my Circle of Light painting

New poetry. And selections from Spectrum, Origins, and Corundum.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Art 634 July Blues Fest

Last Sunday, I had the wonderful experience of attending my first artist reception for a painting I submitted at the Art 634 July Blues Festival!!!


Very dear friends endured the day’s merciless heat to help me and to celebrate with me. You know who you are. You are the best. You leave me more grateful and humbled than what I have words for, and you all are the reason why the day was most special to me. Forgive me when you came by and I had to retreat to air condition. The fact you all were there means the world to me.

A big thank you to Maggie Riggle and Carrie Joers for organizing the event and to Cuppa for keeping us cool with their awesome drinks! Even when they had to redo an order because someone –  #Iwon’tmentionanynames – (ahem) was clumsy enough to topple over her first round. ;-)